The Patch

A family-size patch of GIGANTIC proportions...


Pumpkins in our past, present and future...

It all started 22 years ago when we decided to grow some extra large pumpkins for our kids to enjoy. We had been growing Watermelon prior to that as they love the hot and sandy soil of the Woodland Bottoms. As it turns out, so do Pumpkins!

The first couple of years were definitely on a smaller scale, in fact, on such a small scale that we were leery of even placing signs by the road. However, this concern began to fade as the patch grew each year and eventually began to grow by an acre or more at a time.

Though we have been known to grow pumpkins of the "extra large" variety, we have expanded our selection of squash and gourds and have even added activities including; festive props, a covered hay maze, weekend pumpkin bowling and weekend hay rides - though COVID-19 has forced us to temporarily remove several of the amenities.

With all of the changes that have taken place, there have been several "constants" that have helped to make The Patch what it is. This includes Holstein cows walking by from our family owned and operated Dairy Farm that surrounds the patch (up until 2019), the freedom to make your selection(s) right out of the display/sales area or by strolling through the patch to find your own, or the use of the familiar backdrops for family pictures (including the large Oak trees in the yard that many enjoy seeing during the Fall).

Pumpkins have found their way into our past and present. There is probably a pretty good chance that they'll be there in our future too!

It is our pleasure to provide you with family fun and memories that will last a lifetime!

Thank You!

David, Julie & Family


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