The Patch

A family-size patch of GIGANTIC proportions...

22 Years of Family Fun!

It's been a challenging Summer with hot and dry weather, lots of weeds and more focus on irrigating than ever, but most of the pumpkins pulled through.
Looking forward to seeing you in October!

Nestled on approximately 35 acres in the picturesque Woodland Bottoms, The Patch offers over 60 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds of exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Called a "Pumpkin Boutique" by many who visit, The Patch provides the opportunity for families and friends to make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you visit to search for just the right pumpkins or to explore the corn mazes, the selection and overall experience is sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces. We look forward to your visit in October!

2021 5 Acre Corn Maze:
"Pumpkin hauling in the patch!"